Ambre Community Manager Assistant


I am a moderator and organizer of events on the Inoxtag server. I am also a community manager at Unosial.


What can she do?

Community Manager

I am in charge of managing the community of Unosial but also of all projects that are related to the group.

Event Manager

I manage different events on the Internet or in real life because it is an area that I am passionate about.

Staff Manager

I manage teams in order to have an excellent and effective quality of work.


She worked here


Community Manager Unosial

Creative and strong of proposals in any type of field, I am in charge of communication on the social networks of Unosial.

Dec. 2021 - Present ・ 6 months


Moderator & Animator Inoxtag

Moderate a constantly evolving community on the Inoxtag discord server but I also make animations to entertain it.

Aug. 2021 - Present ・ 10 months