Derp Back-End Developer


Computer science student and web developer, contributor on many websites and bots projects and open source lover.


What can he do?

Web Developer

Code since 3 years, mastery of many languages and frameworks, currently Head Developer in some projects.

Twitch Moderator

Former moderator of a streamer partner of twitch, Moderator of the live chat and the streamer's discord server.

Discord Community Moderator

Moderator and Animator on many community servers on Discord and on servers supporting automated services. (Discord bots, Hosting)


He worked here


Back-End Developer Unosial

Implementation of many services and tools around the different projects and communities of Unosial.

Jan. 2022 - Present ・ 5 months


Lead Developer ChilledBot

Ensuring the proper functioning and updates of the ChilledBot code.

Oct. 2020 - Present ・ 1 year 8 months


Bot Support & Moderator ZalgoBot

Helping bot users in difficulty to use the bot.

Feb. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year 5 months