FloGamingZ Chief Community Officer


Passionate about esport and gaming, I wish to combine passion and profession. manage the communication department at Unosial. I also manage on community servers such as Inoxtag.


What can he do?

Project Manager

For several years, I have been interested in project management. I directed and realized many projects in the field of video games.

Community Manager

Manage various communities, small, medium or large and in any field. I have this appetite to be able to adapt to any kind of community.

Event Manager

The organization and creation of events are activities that I like and that I carry out in different community events but also any type of event themes.

Moderation Manager

I manage all aspects in order to get the best organization but also the best environment to work in a healthy and pleasant way.

Staff Manager

Communication in a team is the key to any success in order to have an excellent and effective quality of work.


He worked here


Chief Community Officer Unosial

Manage the community manager and community programs management division for Unosial.

Jun. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year


Manager Inoxtag

Manage different domains of the Inoxtag community such as for example the team, moderation, events and some other things.

Jun. 2017 - Present ・ 5 years


Manager Marsha

Responsible for managing the communications division in relation to Marsha's projects.

Jun. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year


Here is everything he did

Escape Game / Coca-Cola

Escape Game / Coca-Cola 11/14/2021

Organization and management of test sessions of a Minecraft Escape Game on the theme of Coca-Cola for a live of Inoxtag, Laink, and Terracid.

Z Event

Z Event 10/28/2021

Management of moderation on discord to frame a healthy environment in the discussion space at the Inoxtag community.

Inoxtag - Clean Walk

Inoxtag - Clean Walk 09/05/2020

Helped organize the community side of the Clean Walk organized by Inoxtag in Paris.