Hugo Co-Founder & Design Executive Officer


Hello I'm Hugo also known as Aglox on the Internet. I love to create any type of things from communities to drawings passing by game development.


What can he do?

Project Manager

I have always wanted to bring my own ideas to life, and that's what I have been doing for several years now! I've been leading many projects in various fields.

Community Manager

Manage a medium or large community on all aspects, creating optimal communication and attractiveness for the project or entity.

Moderation Manager

Set up different means and tools of moderation for his team, while having behind a good organisation and being as fair as possible.

UI & UX Designer

Providing the best experience for users on products we made is something I enjoy a lot doing. I love being able to bring life to the look of future products.


I love drawing since my youngest age. I started digital art at 7 years old and I'm still improving and finding new ways to use my creations for various projects.

Game Developer

I maintained my own little Indie game studio for 4 years, making advanced game prototypes on various tools like Unreal Engine, Unity & GameMaker Studio.


He worked here


Lead & Design Executive Officer Unosial

I created Unosial a few years ago with the goal of offering mainly various tools to the community, be it for moderation, entertainment, or other.

Nov. 2020 - Present ・ 1 year 11 months


Manager Inoxtag

Manage different aspects of the Inoxtag community, such as the team, moderation, events and others. This while developing different community tools.

Aug. 2019 - Present ・ 3 years 2 months

Offer a complete moderation bot for medium and large communities. Develop many features to facilitate moderation on the platform.

Nov. 2020 - Present ・ 1 year 11 months

Administration of TheCozyCamp community as a whole, whether it be on many points such as its development, moderation, and other.

Jun. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year 5 months


Service Manager Neopolis

Technical and visual management of the different Discord servers linked to the Neopolis game community.

Feb. 2022 - Present ・ 9 months


Discord Manager Neoland

Technical and visual management of the different Discord servers linked to the Neoland game community.

Feb. 2022 - Present ・ 9 months


Manager Goodnite

Help in the overall management of the project, whether it is on the various decisions of the next updates, management of the team and others.

Apr. 2019 - Dec. 2020 ・ 1 year 9 months


Co-Founder & Game Designer Lumania

Co-lead of the Minecraft server, managing the staff team, creating the experiences / minigames & also building maps.

May 2020 - Nov. 2020 ・ 7 months

Indie game studio founded by myself in order to share all of the various small games I created on Game Maker Studio 2.

Aug. 2017 - Sep. 2021 ・ 4 years 2 months

And 21 other experiences


Here is everything he did

Escape Game / Coca-Cola

Escape Game / Coca-Cola 11/14/2021

Organization and creation of a Minecraft Escape Game on the theme of Coca-Cola for a live of Inoxtag, Laink, and Terracid.

Z Event

Z Event 10/28/2021

Manage all the moderation and the team of Inoxtag to ensure a healthy discussion space in the different platforms, be it on Twitch, or even Discord.

Wesley's Island

Wesley's Island 09/30/2021

Wesley's Island is a Minecraft modded adventure where the objective is to find all the croutons after a crash on their return from Mexico.

Unosial is back

Unosial is back 07/23/2021

After many months of work, we start again Unosial, which is a group offering various services and tools on different platforms.

Inoxtag - Clean Walk

Inoxtag - Clean Walk 09/05/2020

Helped organize the community side of the Clean Walk organized by Inoxtag in Paris.


Lumania 23/07/2020

After many months of development and elaboration of the Minecraft server, Lumania, a minecraft Mini-Games server, is launched

And 14 other achievements