Lowan Co-Founder & Lead Community Manager


French student in the field of IT development. He is in charge of team supervision and service development. He also manages the Inoxtag and TheCozyCamp communities as well as the development on Talents Discord.


What can he do?

Back-End Developer

He has been in charge of the development of about 40 bots for three years. He takes care of the development and the resolution of bugs of those.

Moderation Manager

He has created tools to simplify moderation while training his staff and himself. All this while creating a healthy atmosphere on the different servers.

Staff Manager

Coordinate a team in order to create a real communication between the different poles while having an optimal team atmosphere.

Community Manager

Being a community manager like Inoxtag or TheCozyCamp, he was able to create a bond between the users while building their loyalty.

Event Manager

In order to bring the community together, he is in charge of the management and the realization of animations on our community servers.

Project Manager

Being creative at all times, he has realized many of their ideas and have been able to build a workforce to achieve them.


He worked here


Co-Founder & Developer Unosial

Having joined almost since its beginning, he is in charge of making decisions and the overall development of our collective and its evolution.

Sep. 2019 - Present ・ 2 years 10 months


Manager & Developer Inoxtag

He supervise all the teams, including moderation and all the events aspect, and he takes care of the internal cohesion in order to preserve a healthy atmosphere.

Feb. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year 5 months


Administrator TheCozyCamp

Managing the entire development of the community bot, he is also in charge of overseeing all the poles of our workforce as well as creating tools to help them.

Jun. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year


Creator & Lead Developer Pikacord

Being a fan of the Pokemon universe, he set out to create a game around it in order to entertain users and unite them in this exciting atmosphere.

May 2020 - Present ・ 2 years

Talents Discord

Administrator & Developer Talents Discord

Responsible for the overall development of team tools and systems to unite the community in the theme of talent. He also managed the staff and teams for a while.

Jul. 2020 - Present ・ 1 year 11 months


Manager Assistant Neopolis

Assists the company's Managers & Community Managers with all types of tasks related to management and animation.

Nov. 2021 - Present ・ 7 months


Manager Assistant & Discord Developer Neoland

Assists Managers & Community Managers in the management and development of the Discord server and its community.

Jan. 2022 - Present ・ 5 months

Slash FR

Moderator Slash FR

In charge of the moderation of a varied French community that has long been turned into the Discord universe, but is now much more community oriented.

Jan. 2020 - Apr. 2020 ・ 3 months


Staff Manager & Moderator RaidProtect

Having moderated this project for a few months in order to preserve a healthy atmosphere, he was also able to manage the moderation of RaidProtect.

May 2019 - Jan. 2020 ・ 9 months


Moderator Artefact

In order to preserve an environment on this server in the atmosphere of the graphic designer and art, he took care of the moderation of Artefact during its evolution.

Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2020 ・ 2 years

Zula Europe

Event Manager Zula Europe

With the help of Nova representing the Madrid office of Zula Europe, he managed the French tournaments on the video game as well as the streams/interviews.

Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2017 ・ 8 months

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Here is everything he did

Neoland Launching

Neoland Launching 02/11/2022

Management and launch of Neoland community services, especially on Discord.


Pikacord 21/11/2021

After hours of reflection and dozens of suggestions, we will release a total redesign of Pikacord for this wonderful end of the year!

Escape Game / Coca-Cola

Escape Game / Coca-Cola 11/14/2021

Organization and creation of a Minecraft Escape Game on the theme of Coca-Cola for a live of Inoxtag, Laink, and Terracid.

Z Event

Z Event 10/28/2021

Manage all the moderation and the team of Inoxtag to ensure a healthy discussion space in the different platforms, be it on Twitch, or even Discord.

Unosial is back

Unosial is back 07/23/2021

After many months of work, we start again Unosial, which is a group offering various services and tools on different platforms.

Zula Europe - Tournaments

Zula Europe - Tournaments 20/07/2017

After registration closes, we can now launch the Zula Europe tournament on YouTube for an amazing time!

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