Mathieu Community Manager


French student, passionate about new technologies. He is in charge of communication at Unosial. He is also staff in other communities such as Inoxtag and Freezie.


What can he do?

Project Management

Manage a project or an entity in its design and execution, as well as managing the associated team.

Community Management

Manage a medium or large community in all its aspects, creating optimal communication and attractiveness for the project or entity.

Staff Management

Managing teams as a whole, giving tasks to each member while organizing a healthy and pleasant work space.


Moderation of any type of structure, such as Discord, Youtube or Twitch with speed and professionalism.


Organises events and provides entertainment of all types on a regular basis to keep members entertained.


Responding to members' various problems, questions and postponements through the helpdesk.


He worked here


Community Manager Unosial

I am in charge of communication at Unosial. I am involved in organising projects for the good of the community.

Dec. 2021 - Present ・ 6 months


Community Manager Marsha

I take care of both the management of the support server and the comfort of the owners of the servers using Marsha.

Dec. 2021 - Present ・ 6 months


Manager Inoxtag

I am in charge of the management of the animations and the animators, my role is to ensure the entertainment of the members.

Oct. 2021 - Present ・ 8 months


Manager Freezie

I take care of the complete management of the server, the staff, the events and the shootings for Freezie.

Apr. 2021 - Present ・ 1 year 3 months


Administrator AntiMatiere

I am in charge of all the technical part of the server and I supervise the management of the staff.

Feb. 2022 - Present ・ 5 months


Moderator Unchained

Moderation of a YouTuber's community on communication and video entertainment platforms, such as Discord, YouTube & Twitch.

Nov. 2021 - Mar. 2022 ・ 4 months

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